Don’t Take Your Dog to Firework Displays

Scary Fireworks Obviously a Fireworks Display is not where most people will take their dogs  – but then maybe everyone doesn’t realize that is A VERY BAD IDEA!

Dogs are very scared on this wonderful American holiday… By the way… HAPPY 4TH!

So there are some tips to help keep your dog safe and secure during the craziness of the 4th of July Fireworks evening (remember the nights before and after too!).   Find distractions, play with them, turn up the music or TV in the house, hug and love on them during this traumatic time.

I attached a picture of a wrap that was suggested by a friend.  It replicates the idea based on “Thunder” shirts providing gentle compression to aid in calming. Not sure if it works – BUT IT’S WORTH A TRY!

Also – this is a great opportunity to dress up your dog for a 4th of July parade or to share in the family photo album or Facebook.  I thought you might enjoy some of my favorites.    Check out my website too!


Dachsund 4th

Did someone say Hot Dogs?

dogs with stars

We are the stars of this show


Half Wrap for comforting

Half Wrap for comforting



Tips to keep Pets Safe

Tips to keep Pets Safe

A Hound Dog 4th

A Hound Dog 4th


More Tips

dog with banners

I am just too cute